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No Crypto Ads At Super Bowl

No Crypto Ads At Super Bowl LVII Thanks To FTX

The Super Bowl LVII, one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, will not feature any cryptocurrency advertisements following the recent collapse of leading cryptocurrency exchange FTX. This marks a significant shift from previous years, when cryptocurrency advertisements were a common feature during the Super Bowl. FTX, which was one of the …

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DCG Crypto News

Is DCG Selling Holdings in Several Grayscale Trusts

DCG (Digital Currency Group) is one of the largest investment companies in the cryptocurrency industry, known for its investments in several leading cryptocurrency companies and its subsidiary Grayscale Investments. However, it has been recently announced that DCG is selling its holdings in several Grayscale trusts, leading to speculation about the future of the cryptocurrency market. …

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HashFlare founders

HashFlare Founders Arrested For $575M Crypto Fraud

The founders of HashFlare, a cryptocurrency investment company, have been arrested in Estonia for allegedly defrauding investors of $575 million in a large-scale fraud scheme. The arrests have sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency industry, highlighting the risks and potential for fraud in a largely unregulated sector.