Circle Warned NY Watchdog

Circle Warned NY Watchdog About Binance Tokens in 2022


The news that Circle reportedly warned the NYDFS about Binance’s US token offering in 2022 adds to the regulatory pressure that the exchange is facing in the US. The news also highlights the growing importance of regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency industry and the challenges that companies face in navigating a complex and evolving regulatory landscape. It remains to be seen how the news will affect the relationship between Circle and Binance, and whether it will have any impact on the ongoing investigations into Binance’s compliance with securities laws.

Circle’s Warning To NY Watchdog

New York-based financial technology firm, Circle, reportedly warned the state’s financial regulator, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), about concerns it had with Binance’s US token offering in 2022. According to anonymous sources familiar with the matter, Circle expressed doubts about the compliance of Binance’s US token offering with securities laws.

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The news was reported by Bloomberg on Tuesday, citing the anonymous sources. According to the report, Circle raised concerns with the NYDFS about Binance’s token offering, which was launched in the US in September 2022. The company reportedly expressed concerns that the token offering did not comply with securities laws and warned the regulator of potential risks to investors.

Binance is a major cryptocurrency exchange, but it has faced regulatory scrutiny in a number of countries in recent years, including the US. The exchange’s US token offering, which is called Binance.US, is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies that are compliant with US regulations. The platform offers a variety of tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance’s own token, BNB.

Circle, on the other hand, is a fintech company that offers a variety of financial services, including a cryptocurrency trading platform called Circle Invest. The company has been in operation since 2013 and has raised over $500 million in funding.

The news that Circle raised concerns about Binance’s US token offering will likely add to the regulatory pressure that the exchange is facing in the US. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been investigating Binance for possible violations of securities laws, and the exchange has also faced scrutiny from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Department of Justice.

According to the Bloomberg report, Circle was not the only company to raise concerns about Binance’s token offering. Other firms also reportedly expressed doubts about the offering and its compliance with securities laws.

The NYDFS declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Bloomberg, and representatives from Circle and Binance did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The news comes as Binance faces increasing regulatory pressure around the world. In addition to the investigations in the US, the exchange has also been banned in a number of countries, including China, the UK, and Japan. The exchange has also faced scrutiny over its lack of transparency and its compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

The news also highlights the growing importance of regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency industry. As the industry continues to mature, regulators are becoming more active in enforcing laws and regulations that apply to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Circle has been a vocal advocate for regulatory compliance in the industry. In a blog post published in July 2022, the company called for greater regulatory clarity and emphasized the importance of complying with securities laws.

“We believe that regulatory clarity is essential for the long-term success of the cryptocurrency industry, and we are committed to working with regulators to achieve that clarity,” the post said.

The news of Circle’s warning to the NYDFS is also likely to raise questions about the relationship between Circle and Binance. The two companies have worked together in the past, with Circle partnering with Binance to offer support for the Binance USD stablecoin.

However, the news of Circle’s warning suggests that there may be tensions between the two companies over regulatory compliance. The report also highlights the challenges that companies in the cryptocurrency industry face in navigating a complex and rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.