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Visa and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard Halt New Crypto Partnerships, Reuters

Amid worries about the regulatory environment, Visa and Mastercard allegedly put a hold on their plans to form new partnerships with cryptocurrency companies. The payment processing giants are concerned about the potential regulatory backlash if they partner with cryptocurrency companies working in nations with murky or stringent crypto regulations, according to sources familiar with the situation. Although both businesses have previously expressed interest in cryptocurrencies, new regulatory uncertainty is said to have made them more cautious. The cryptocurrency sector has been working to increase acceptance and integrate into the established banking system, so the news is probably a setback for it.

Ark Invest

ARK Invest Predicts 10 Areas of Disruptive Innovation for 2023

Investment management firm ARK Invest has released its BIG IDEAS 2023 report, highlighting ten areas of disruptive innovation that are expected to shape the future of the global economy. These areas include electric vehicles, automation, and genomics. ARK Invest’s CEO, Cathie Wood, is known for her innovative investment strategies and the firm’s BIG IDEAS reports have become a highly anticipated annual event.

Jump Crypto

Jump Crypto Identified in SEC Complaint Against LUNA Founder

Jump Crypto, a US trading firm, has been identified as the unnamed entity involved in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) complaint against Do Kwon, the founder of the cryptocurrency project LUNA. The complaint alleged that Kwon engaged in manipulative trading practices and made false and misleading statements to investors. The involvement of Jump Crypto in these activities raises questions about the responsibility of trading firms in ensuring the integrity of the market.

Wirex and Visa Strengthen Alliance

Wirex and Visa Strengthen Alliance to Boost Crypto Adoption in 40 Countries

Wirex and Visa have expanded their partnership to bring cryptocurrency payment solutions to 40 countries. This move allows Wirex customers to use their Wirex Visa debit card for purchases and cash withdrawals just like a traditional debit card. The partnership demonstrates Wirex’s commitment to regulatory compliance and security while enabling individuals and businesses to easily access and use their digital currencies.

PayPal logo

PayPal Pauses Stablecoin Development Due to Regulatory Concerns

PayPal has announced a temporary pause in its stablecoin development due to regulatory concerns. The company stated that it is committed to working with regulators to ensure that its stablecoin product is fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. The pause in development is a sign of PayPal’s commitment to the regulatory environment and its efforts to bring a compliant and secure stablecoin product to market.

Coin Cloud Files for Bankruptcy

Coin Cloud Files for Bankruptcy in Crypto ATM Shake-Up

TLDR Coin Cloud’s bankruptcy filing is a significant development in the crypto ATM industry, and one that will be closely watched by those in the crypto community. The company’s challenges are a reflection of the broader challenges faced by the industry, and highlight the need for continued innovation and adaptation in this fast-changing space. Regardless …

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Digihost Technology buys Power Plant

Digihost Technology Completes Power Plant Acquisition

Bitcoin miner Digihost Technology Inc. has completed its acquisition of a controversial power plant, which has sparked both criticism and support within the industry. The acquisition has been in the works for several months and is part of Digihost’s strategy to expand its bitcoin mining operations and secure a stable source of energy. The power …

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MicroStrategy Takes the Leap: Could Delve into Bitcoin Futures Trading

MicroStrategy Takes the Leap: Could Delve into Bitcoin Futures Trading

MicroStrategy, the world’s largest publicly traded business intelligence company, has sparked speculation that it could delve into bitcoin futures trading. The company recently revealed that it had acquired an additional $1 billion worth of bitcoin, taking its total investment in the cryptocurrency to over $4 billion. The investment in bitcoin futures would allow MicroStrategy to …

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DCG Crypto News

Is DCG Selling Holdings in Several Grayscale Trusts

DCG (Digital Currency Group) is one of the largest investment companies in the cryptocurrency industry, known for its investments in several leading cryptocurrency companies and its subsidiary Grayscale Investments. However, it has been recently announced that DCG is selling its holdings in several Grayscale trusts, leading to speculation about the future of the cryptocurrency market. …

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